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The Society for Constructive Discordianism

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The Society for Constructive Discordianism
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Hail Eris!

Maintainers: rhonan has officially been named Grand Maintainer!

"A place to discuss creative ways of altering ourselves and our realities through the constructive addition of discordia."

Translated and retranslated through Babelfish:
"The extremity approximately for the modification of the station of the work for the ways of creative of the commutation he and with us realnesses he discord of the addition of the structure."

Just as we Discordians inject a healthy dose of chaos into society as a whole, so to shall we have a little order in our chaos. We have very few rules here.

The first rule is: If you are going to post anything that would not be work-safe for those of us who bore from within as corporate drones, please put it behind an <lj-cut> tag that is clear that it is not work safe. For example, <lj-cut text="NSFW">. This includes your icon. We will give warnings about icons, but any posts or comments that violate this rule will be deleted without warning and if the violation is in a moderator's opinion bad enough, that poster's membership to the community will be revoked.

The second rule is: Don't be an arse-wipe! Bitch and moan and argue amonst yourselves all you want, just don't be an ass about it. If you get into a pissing match with someone, take it elsewhere. No harrassment, and no posting of people's confidential information. In other words, use your brain and don't be a git. We'll warn you once, then the boot.

The third rule is: No quizes or color-bars unless they are specifically Discordian in nature. The moderators are the sole judge of this, and if we have any doubts, we'll ask you to make it more clear why it belongs here.

Lastly, please use the <lj-cut> tag on any long posts or large graphics/photos. It's just simple curtesy for your fellow Discordians.

All hail discordia!

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